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Anthony Zolezzi is an eco-entrepreneur, consultant, author and organic food advocate whose understanding of the natural world goes back to summers spent aboard his family’s commercial fishing boat as a teenager. Later, while working for a major food company, a farmer’s warning not to eat a pesticide-sprayed strawberry made him realize that the soil harbors an ecosystem much like that of the sea, which is critically important to maintaining the nutritional benefits of food. Along with this revelation came an awareness of the effects that poisons designed to kill its essential organisms are having on our food and our bodies. He now shares the knowledge he has gained – along with his passion for cooking, serving and celebrating real food – with as many people as possible. Anthony Zolezzi is part of the Wild Oats team.

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Organic Food – Healthier for You and Your Family

Organic Food - Healthier for You and Your Family

About twelve years ago a group of us in the Organic industry were very frustrated about the fact that the campaign for organic seemed to be mainly about  what isn’t in organic food,- herbicides and pesticides.  We knew back then

This Isn’t Your Parent’s Farm Aid!

farm aid logo

At a lot of concerts, the fun action takes place backstage. But at Farm Aid, the fun is happening back-stands. The music is just starting on stage. In the Farmyard, though, chefs are competing in the Shell-Off Smack down. Across the

Conceptualizing the corporation man as an artist (and vice versa)


The other day I had the great pleasure of sitting with a famous painter from Sicily known as Sebastian (his business card just says Sebastian Painter). He speaks in very broken English and understanding him requires having to pay close

Use the 4th of July as a Halftime Review

food on a barbecue grill

The 4th of July is always a really important holiday for me, but not for the reasons you may think. It has nothing to do with picnics, barbecues or fireworks, although I certainly find such festivities enjoyable. It’s rather an opportunity

Mother’s Day


Today I am going shopping for groceries with a big smile, because this Sunday I am doing something I absolutely love, and that is cooking for a group of people. For me cooking is a creative outlet much like poetry or

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