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Anthony Zolezzi is an eco-entrepreneur, consultant, author and organic food advocate whose understanding of the natural world goes back to summers spent aboard his family’s commercial fishing boat as a teenager. Later, while working for a major food company, a farmer’s warning not to eat a pesticide-sprayed strawberry made him realize that the soil harbors an ecosystem much like that of the sea, which is critically important to maintaining the nutritional benefits of food. Along with this revelation came an awareness of the effects that poisons designed to kill its essential organisms are having on our food and our bodies. He now shares the knowledge he has gained – along with his passion for cooking, serving and celebrating real food – with as many people as possible. Anthony Zolezzi is part of the Wild Oats team.

Latest Posts by Anthony Zolezzi

Why I love Cauliflower


Someone asked me about cauliflower and whether I like it. The answer is yes. Here is why I love cauliflower. Cauliflower is a really interesting vegetable to me first, because it is white and most white foods are not great

Changed by a Strawberry Field


Many years ago I was in a strawberry field in Watsonville California and reached down to grab a strawberry. Immediately the farm manager told me not to touch the berry. “Why not?” I asked perplexed. He explained that the field had sprayed four days

The Difference You Can Make This Earth Day 2014


Wow! Today is the 44th Earth Day. As I woke up this morning I started thinking about the Earth itself, not just the planet, but the very soil beneath our feet. I think most of us slip through our days never

How Choosing Organic Helps the World


What if one out of ten groceries in your basket could save 2.9 billion barrels of oil annually –Choosing Organic Food is one of the most Sustainable actions you can take — just think about tasty and healthy food that

Rekindling my passion for organics by sowing some ‘Wild Oats’


In 2007 after helping coordinate our teams last production of the Organic Center dinner, I resigned as chair and board member of the center and came to the conclusion that while we were good at fund raising (sort of), my personal passion

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