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Chelsea Vurciaga is a Natural Living Expert, Nationally Published Writer and Marketing Consultant based in Denver, Colorado. She began her career a decade ago working in the online marketing department at the former Wild Oats Markets where she built promotions aimed at cultivating meaningful relationships with shoppers. She is the founder of the Natural Products Network and routinely appears on morning talk shows discussing natural products and wellness strategies. Check out to learn more.

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Headache Fighting Foods


Nobody likes a headache, especially one that doesn’t seem to let up. While some turn to painkillers to thwart the occasional throbbing feeling, many are looking for more natural ways to get help. Thankfully, there are some everyday foods that

Use Rosemary to Increase Brain Function


Nothing is more frustrating than feeling foggy at the morning office meeting, forgetting where your car is parked or just feeling “out of it” all day. There are so many reasons that you might experience a temporary lack of brain

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