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Dave Carter is a pioneer in connecting organic and sustainable farmers with shoppers seeking healthy, wholesome food. He began his career in rural America as a journalist in small-town newspapers, but soon began working with family farmers and ranchers who were fighting to weather the economic turbulence in rural America in the 1980’s. He developed a passion for working with farmers who were pioneering the development of natural meat and organic food production. Appointed to the USDA National Organic Standards Board by Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman, Dave served as chair of that panel during the implementation of the national organic regulations. Over the past decade, he has helped lead the growth of the U.S. bison industry, has coordinated efforts to establish USDA organic regulations for pet food, and has been involved in several farmer-controlled marketing initiatives. He also has a small herd of bison that he maintains on a ranch east of Denver.

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Give It a Rest

August is typically the month in which people try to take a bit of a break before diving back into school and work. Athletes understand that rest periods are an important part of any effective exercise regimen, and an increasing

Vote For Your Favorite Farmers Market

Summer is in full swing, and farmers’ markets are exploding across the landscape with an abundance of farm fresh produce, meat and prepared foods. The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s farmers’ market directory lists 8,472 markets across the country. Markets range

Preserve our Health, Not Our Bread

“Give me spots on my apples, but leave me the birds and the bees.” Those words from Joni Mitchell’s 1970 song, “Big Yellow Taxi”, helped galvanize public support for the banning of the insecticide DDT in 1972. I thought about

Keep it Safe and Healthy at the Farmers’ Market

Local farmers’ markets are increasingly becoming community gathering spots, with live music, food trucks and much more. Small farmers have been joined by start-up entrepreneurs who are offering a cornucopia of products ranging from homemade pretzels to pickled green beans.

Why kids get summer vacation?

If you are having trouble figuring out what your children are going to do during the next three months of summer vacation, don’t blame the farmers. They aren’t responsible for school being out in the summer. There is a common

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