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Linda Bonvie is an author and journalist specializing in food, environmental and health-related topics who has co-authored dozens of articles for major newspapers and magazines. For the last three years she has worked as a blogger and editor at, a website sponsored by Citizens for Health. She also blogs at and Chemical-Free Kids, where she updates the issues covered in two book she co-authored, Chemical-Free Kids (2003) and Chemical-Free Kids: The Organic Sequel (2008). <>. Most of her spare time is devoted to working as a volunteer with an animal rescue group at the New Jersey shore.

Latest Posts by Linda Bonvie

The Surprising Truth About Frozen Fruits and Veggies

Are frozen fruits and frozen veggies as good as fresh? NO… they’re often better! The science behind modern fast-freeze processing has led to frozen produce maintaining natural taste and texture, while preserving the lion’s share of its nutritional benefits – despite

Is This the Healthiest Veggie You’re Missing?

While beets have been utilized as foodstuff from the days of ancient agriculture—and remain a mainstay in countless cultures—the vegetable’s deeper nutritional benefits have rarely been hyped … until recently. A slew of studies in the last few years are reporting

8 Crazy Ideas for Breakfast!

Let me start by saying I love breakfast. And you should too. Depending on where the day may take you, it could be the only time you’ll have total control over what you’re eating. But why limit yourself to traditional

How to Have a Scrumptious Organic Salad and Save Money

By now you’ve seen the latest thing in instant salads. It’s called a “salad kit.” These ready-to-fork veggie-kits are flying off the shelves, as salad lovers – and even newbies to the salad set – delight in having a designer

There’s No Plant Like Rosemary for the Holidays!

If you just know rosemary from a spice jar, you’re missing out on a beautiful, fragrant plant that is especially fun to have in the house during the holidays. Rosemary is right up there with other Christmas herb traditions like

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