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While helping out on the customer service team for Wild Oats, I found the inquiries and feedback from customers incredibly educational. I continue to be surprised, though, on the steady flow of calls asking if Wild Oats Certified Organic Products are also Non GMO.

Those calls remind me that I am often too close to the trees to see the forest.

The simple answer is, “Yes, our organic products are Non GMO because they are organic.” But the lingering confusion requires a deeper explanation.

One of the basic provisions in the organic regulations is a category entitled, “Excluded Methods.” This is what it says:  methods that cannot be used in organic production. This definition includes “methods used to genetically modify organisms or influence their growth and development by means that are not possible under natural conditions or processes and are not considered compatible with organic production.”

Other sections of the regulation provide more specific details. For example, organic farmers are not only prohibited from using GMO seeds, they must also use certified organic seeds if those seeds are available. The certified organic feed that is a requirement for organic livestock producers means that cows, chickens and other animals can never nibble one bite of GMO corn, soy or alfalfa. Additionally, those animals can never be administered growth hormones or antibiotics.

And, the organic regulations require periodic testing of crops to make sure that producers are complying with those rules.

Yes, organic means Non GMO. In fact, organic means Non GMO, and much more.

As we build the future of Wild Oats, we will continue to use customer feedback and concerns to drive our line of affordable organics in the right direction. Thanks so much for all your thoughtful comments and support!


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18 Responses to Wild Oats Affordable Organics – Non GMO to the Core

  1. Dave Carter says:

    Hi Shayda,

    Alas, we have discontinued our peanut butter. However, we are looking at bringing some certified organic peanut butter to the market, so please stay tuned.


  2. Dave Carter says:


    the Non GMO verification seal is administered by a non-profit organization. Obtaining that seal would require that we pay additional fees for the paperwork and certification provided by that organization. those fees and certification would be on top of the fees and procedures we already use for our organic certification. Because certified organic products are prohibited from from containing or being produced with GMO’s, we feel that this should provide our customers with the confidence that they are Non GMO, while helping us to keep those products affordable.

    I hope this answer helps.


  3. ilene says:

    Where can we buy these, our walmart no longer carries the herbs and spices. They have their own organics not but the spices are not fresh.

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Ilene! We are working on introducing new shopping options and will let customers know where to shop as soon as we can!

  4. Monique Heidtke says:

    I used to LOVE your cereal line as did my grandsons. Where can I now find your product, I REFUSE to buy Wal Marts line!!!! I also loved your Organic macaroni that was at Wal Mart.Where can I find all of your product????

  5. Linda Watts says:

    I used to buy Egglands Best organic eggs until I found out they were feeding the chickens GMO feed. I contacted them directly in an email and they told me that the GMO feed does not cause harm because once it passes through the animals digestive tract it’s fine. I knew that wasn’t true and stopped buying them. I don’t know how they could have a USDA organic label but they do. So glad honest and trustworthy companies like yours exist.

  6. Jack Stavely says:

    Will you be opening stores again ? I worked at the Nashville Tn. Store for 6 yrs. as Grocery Manager, best job I ever had.

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Jack! I worked at the former Wild Oats as well and have great memories, too! We are considering new stores…nothing is off the table!

  7. Bonnie Weatherwax says:

    Love Wild Oats brand! But my Walmarts seem to be carrying less of it. I miss it!

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Bonnie! Thanks for reaching out! Please know that we are working to expand to new retailers as quickly as possible! We will keep customers posted!

  8. Gene Monson says:

    Still looking forward to your organic salsa. I hope you find an outlet in the Phoenix Arizona market soon!
    Great Products.

  9. Jessica says:

    I have loved your products and was so grateful for the low prices. I can’t afford organic otherwise. Of course, I am having the same problem as others. The Walmarts aren’t carrying your products anymore. I am glad you are looking to have them sold else where. Opening your own stores is a good idea. (I live in Pflugerville near Austin.)

  10. Gwen Drummond says:

    love ur organic products. ur price low enough on for my income. can no longer purchase at Walmart, is it possible to order online

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