Sip Your Way Slim With Green Tea


Need a little help with those love handles? Good news! Green Tea can boost your metabolism, helping you to burn off those extra calories that seem to hang on long after the chocolate is gone.  (And studies show it helps keep them off too.) The antioxidant properties of this wonder drink known as catechins, help prevent cell damage, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and stabilize blood sugar.  Unlike soda, four cups a day will inhibit plaques linked to Alzheimer’s, and assist working memory. Applied topically in the form of a cool tea bag, Green Tea can sooth inflamed, red or irritated skin, and is believed to have properties that contribute to a wrinkle free countenance – in addition to providing a natural sunscreen! Some results suggest that it can even slow the growth of certain cancers.  Wow.

Green Tea is a great choice for healthy, calorie free hydration.

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3 Responses to Sip Your Way Slim With Green Tea

  1. Sebrina Zerkus Smith says:

    Green tea can also be packed with caffeine! Not surprised it can help with weight loss, but can decaf green tea still provide the same health benefits as caffeinated?

    • Karen Shepard says:

      Good question Sebrina! Since I drink tea all day long, decaf never even crossed my mind. I like to think of it like microscopic magic, and maybe in a way it is! Because of the way Green Tea is produced, that is dried and not fermented, it retains important molecules called polyphenols. The one that all the row is about is called epigallocatechin-3-gallate or (EGCG.) While EGCG is not a stimulant, according to research it “helps with growth of neural cells and is of benefit in memory and cognitive function.” It also inhibits inflammation which is associated with weight loss.
      *All of the other benefits are inherent in the Tea itself and not a result of the caffeine – which is actually much less than you would get in a soft drink or coffee. It’s funny that this is all such big news since people have been drinking it for roughly 500,000 years according to Vanderbilt University!

  2. Sebrina Zerkus Smith says:

    Thanks Karen!

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