Back To School? Bring Back The Lunch Box!

Boy with a lunch box filled with healthy food and "A-B-C" blocks nearby

Many years ago, we all carried our lunch to school in metal lunch boxes with real thermoses. But for parents today, the reusable box has given way to the paper bag and box of juice. As back to school prep

Healthy back-to-school shortcuts


Now that the new school year is here, are you consumed by thinking about what you might be forgetting? Here are some healthy back-to-school shortcuts to help you start off on the right foot. Wild Oats New School Year Re-Solutions

Milk’s Back to School Lesson

Milk jug and glass on the grass with chamomiles

Someone asked once why organic milk was historically the fastest growing segment of the organic food business. The answer is fairly simple. Milk comes to our tables through a fairly short pipeline. Food goes into the cow. Milk comes out

A Thought for New College Students

Historic Northrop Auditorium On The Campus Of The University Of Minnesota

College is a never-ending series of exhilarating opportunities, new experiences, and new challenges. While the experiences are unique to every individual, certain challenges apply across the board. Of the most fundamental is the challenge of feeding oneself (regularly, let alone

Include Organics in Your Lunchbox

organic veggies

A recent article in the LA Times has many people buzzing- some in surprise, and some in bemusement (along the lines of “well, yes of course”). After reviewing 343 studies conducted across the U.S. and Europe, the British Journal of

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