National Walking Day designed to get us all ‘on our feet’ – and keep us there

Woman Runner Tying Sport Shoes

Should your boss or the principal of your school suddenly announce over the intercom today, “Okay, everybody, take a hike!” you might think it was his or her idea of an April fool’s gag. But not if you know the

Can stress eating slow your metabolism? Yes!

Can stress eating slow your metabolism?  Yes!

Did you know that the #1 New Year’s Resolution is “to lose weight”?  I thought you did!  A new study shows that stress during the 24 hours before eating a high-fat meal slows metabolism.  Whoa, that’s not good! When it

Exercise improves memory, even with the kids!

Youngster's effort in climbing a wall to reach the top

OK, summer’s over and school is back in session! For the kids, this means a new grade level and new things to learn.  We want our kids to do well and be healthy.  We hate to see them struggling in

Do I Really Need 8 Glasses Of Water Every Day?

girl drinking water

Whether you call it glowing, perspiring, or just plain ol’ sweating–summer heat takes it out of us…literally!  Sweating is one of the major ways in which we lose water.  And replacing it is very important, since water is vital to

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