Farm Aid 2014: It’s Not Just A Celebration, It’s A Mission

farmer's legs, in boots holding a pitch fork on tilled ground

Now that I’m back home, after attending Farm Aid 2014 in beautiful Raleigh, NC, I wanted to take a moment to reflect on all that has been accomplished, and how far we still have to go when it comes to

How Farm Aid Will Affect Wild Oats’ Future [VIDEO]

Wild Oats CEO Tom Casey on what he’s seen and what he’s learned at Farm Aid 2014 that can help Wild Oats in the future.

Wild Oats CEO Tom Casey at Farm Aid 2014: “Farms Are Saving Us.”

Wild Oats CEO Tom Casey talks about the difference between Farm Aid of 1985 and today at Farm Aid 2014. Today we need farms to grow healthy food to save us as much as they need our help to survive.

Dave Carter Arrives At Farm Aid 2014 [VIDEO]

Wild Oats blogger Dave Carter arrives in Raleigh, NC for the start of Farm Aid 2014 and comments on changes in the last 19 years since the first festival.

Farm Aid: A Positive Force For Change Since 1985

farm aid logo

Farm Aid began as a rallying point for the farm protest movement during the depths of the farm crisis in the 1980’s. The farm organization for which I worked in 1985 even chartered a bus to ferry cash-strapped farmers to

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