An Ocean Doesn’t Separate Farmers’ Values

An Ocean Doesn't Separate Farmers' Values

Organic farmers in the United States and Europe are as much different as they are the same. I thought about that this last month as my wife and I visited three organic dairy farms in Southwest England that supply the

Showing Up is Half the Battle

Showing Up is Half the Battle

Organizers estimate that roughly 70,000 students and advisors attended the event at the Kentucky State Fairgrounds this year. I feel like I must have visited with about 69,000 of them from the booth hosted by the National Bison Association.  It

Words Have Real Power

United hands on bright background.

Words have power. The descriptions that we apply to people color the lens through which we view those folks. I guess that’s why I hate the word consumer to describe the people who walk into a store to buy groceries

Climate Change will be Stormy for Farmers


A couple of days ago the Colorado weather was perfect to be outside, planting my garden under sunny skies with temperatures in the mid-70’s. This morning, I’m headed out to shake the wet, heavy snow off tree limbs before they


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