How a Farmer Helped a Nutritionist Grow

An old farmer standing in a corn field with a pitch fork

My first job was picking tomatoes on a small, family run farm in my hometown of Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The farmer was a funny old man with big, bushy white eyebrows and dark, deeply wrinkled skin, weathered from years

True Grit

stone fence posts along the back roads of Kansas

I had a chance to revisit a special part of the High Plains last week. I was scheduled to meet with some farmers in a small Kansas town, so headed out in my truck along I-70.  I love the drive

Two, Two, Two Killers in One

GMO,profesional in uniform goggles,mask and gloves examining corn cob on field

Okay, I’ll show my age by admitting that I can clearly recall the old Certs ads boasting about “Two, two, two mints in one.” It was probably the bikini-clad models, rather than the mints, that burned those ads into my

We Gotta Kick the Chemical Dependency

Tractor spraying insecticide and herbicide chemicals in agriculture field

Wow, we gotta do something about chemical dependency. I don’t mean among everyday people, I’m talking about the chemical dependency in agriculture. The seed and chemical companies have been touting stories in recent years that their new genetically-modified varieties are

Chemical Fertilizers are the Bomb

a bomb exploding

I’m a history buff, so I think it’s worth noting that the 100th anniversary of today’s chemical fertilizers occurred a couple of weeks ago. It’s an event called World War I. As Europe slid into war in 1914, chemists in


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