Reports Collar the Benefits of Organic Food

a farmer and shoppers choosing produce

Critics of organic food like to stress that there is no nutritional difference between organic products, and those products produced with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In fact, those critics tend to get a little hot under the collar anytime someone

Raining Different Perspectives

Raindrops on a window

I love to watch two cultures bring a different perspective to a single event. I don’t mean two cultures like Americans and Europeans. I mean two cultures like ranchers and golf enthusiasts. I had a chance to observe that one

An Ironic Path to Organic

a father and his crop duster 1950's

Someone asked me awhile back if I came along the path of organic and alternative agriculture because of my family background. Ah, life is full of ironies. My dad made his living after World War II as a crop duster.

The Kids Made this Family Decision

kids climbing on a tractor

It’s not easy as a farmer to make the transition to growing food that can be certified organic. First, there is the cost of certification, followed by a three-year transition period in which the land must be farmed organically but

Tuning in to My Favorite Show

little girl watching Bison up close

I tuned in to my favorite show the other afternoon. This was a particularly good episode; a little bit of drama…some jostling among the stars…and a real family theme. I call it Bison TV. It plays out every day on

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