7 big reasons to eat more blueberries

some blueberries on the bush

July is being called national blueberry month, but I think the entire summer should be dedicated to this amazing fruit! As Dr. Daria said in her post last week, blueberries are a powerhouse little berry that can help us, and

FYI: Diet Foods Don’t Exist!

FYI: Diet Foods Don't Exist!

The definition of “diet” is simple: a diet is what you eat each day. By this definition, there is no such thing as a diet food. Foods that are sold in America are often times marketed as “diet” foods. I

Eating with the season – the protective power of pears


It’s the time of year when pears are at their peak, But if the everyday pear isn’t one you’ve ever been particularly passionate about, it may be because you’ve never given any real thought to the potentials of this pear-shaped

You might as well get all the nutrition food has to offer!

a boy with an apple

Say you’re standing in the produce aisle selecting some lunchbox snacks. Should you go with the organic apples or not? How about bananas, or peaches. Let’s move over to bread, or maybe chips and cookies. Organic or not? Does it

Things you never knew about this fantastic fungi

different types of edible mushrooms on wooden table

The ancient Egyptians believed mushrooms were a food fit only for a Pharaoh. France has been growing them since the 1600s (some accounts have King Louis XIV as the first mushroom farmer). But in the U.S., we didn’t really taste

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