A Thought for New College Students

Historic Northrop Auditorium On The Campus Of The University Of Minnesota

College is a never-ending series of exhilarating opportunities, new experiences, and new challenges. While the experiences are unique to every individual, certain challenges apply across the board. Of the most fundamental is the challenge of feeding oneself (regularly, let alone

Alien Cookies

Alien Cookies (Made with Spinach)

What do you get when you combine a distraught, traditional chocolate chip making grandma with her desire for a vegetable consuming grandkid? – Alien cookies. Am I crazy? Well, try them and see! Basically they started out as a light

One of the world’s healthiest foods you’ve probably never heard of

a bowl of kimchee

Any food that is the favorite of an entire nation deserves a taste-see. Such is the case with kimchee, a beloved Korean side dish, primarily served cold but also popular hot – as in heated or chili-peppered to the point

Vitamin D – Part 2 – Top 10 foods to eat for this critical vitamin!

Salad nicoise with grilled atlantic salmon

In Part 1 we talked about a unique feature of Vitamin D.  It is the only “vitamin” that has this feature. Either you can make it yourself if you are exposed to a lot of sunshine on your bare, non-sunscreened

What to eat when it’s sizzling outside

A little girl standing in front of fan

“Nooo, don’t turn on the oven!” That’s the battle cry in this house when the temp starts heading into the high digits. And during these “dog days” I also don’t feel much like standing over a hot pan or even

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