Why a brisk 20 minute walk can be a lifesaver for couch potatoes!

Why a brisk 20 minute walk can be a lifesaver for couch potatoes!

Calling all couch potatoes  –  a new study, published in January ’15, shows that adding even a small amount of physical activity, enough to burn about 100 calories would reduce the risk of early death by 16% to 30%.  Do

Stevia: The No-Cal, No-Carb, Organic, All-Natural Sugar Substitute

a blackboard with the words stevia and sugar written on it with the word sugar crossed out

If you haven’t tried stevia yet, what are you waiting for? Stevia is an all-natural sugar substitute that has been around for centuries. It has no calories, no carbs and no harmful side effects. And if you choose the right

Not Ready To Go Vegetarian? Go Flexitarian Instead!

Are you a real "foodie"?

Many people are interested in the health benefits of vegetarianism, but giving up meat completely seems difficult.  So, if the idea of going full-on vegetarian is just a little overwhelming for you, consider something a bit more flexible.  Go flexitarian! Scientists

How Choosing Organic Helps the World


What if one out of ten groceries in your basket could save 2.9 billion barrels of oil annually –Choosing Organic Food is one of the most Sustainable actions you can take — just think about tasty and healthy food that


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