Improve your mood and memory in 10 days by changing what you eat? Yep!

Overweight Woman Eating Healthy Meal in Kitchen

Did you know that May is Mediterranean Diet Month?  The “MedDiet” is one of the healthiest eating styles in the world!  It’s not even a diet, it’s a way of eating! I’ll tell you more about it in a minute,

Want better memory? Avoid Trans Fats!

Want better memory? Avoid Trans Fats!

OK folks, this is fresh off the press from the American Heart Association  …  “Trans fat consumption is linked to diminished memory in working-aged adults.”  I’ll give you some of the details of this study in a moment but first,

Exercise improves memory, even with the kids!

Youngster's effort in climbing a wall to reach the top

OK, summer’s over and school is back in session! For the kids, this means a new grade level and new things to learn.  We want our kids to do well and be healthy.  We hate to see them struggling in

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