Week 58: Mission Monday: Olive Oil: Not Just For The Pan

Besides cooking, olive oil has been known to help with a number of beauty and health benefits, and we’re curious to hear more about them. How do you use Wild Oats olive oil outside of the kitchen? Share with us

The Nutritional Benefits of Wild Oats Organic Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

Olive Oil Nutrition Tidbit: An olive is a fruit, not a vegetable, so technically olive oil is a fatty fruit juice. Unlike other fruit juices, it’s purely an oil that’s sugar-free and contains no carbohydrates. I try to include at least 1/4 cup of

“Mediterranean Diet” can help Metabolic Syndrome!

Do you remember what I told you about Metabolic Syndrome and why you don’t want it?  It is bad news and affects one of every three U.S. adults.  If you don’t remember the details, refresh your memory! We spoke about

Thinking of frying up something good? Think Olive Oil!

Is fried food a staple in your dinner line-up?  Well, for the sake of your good health and your waistline, I hope not.  Fried food is certainly popular ….. but most of us know fried foods are high in excess

How To Choose A Good Olive Oil For Cooking

A jar of olive oil with fresh olives

Who could argue the health (and taste!) benefits of olive oil?  But with all the choices out there–extra-virgin, pure, filtered, cold-pressed, refined– I’m so confused!  How do I choose a good olive oil for cooking? Olive oil, with it’s legendary and

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