Better Than Sex and Money

Better Than Sex and Money

Those are not my words, that is from an article by Robert Eckert from The Harvard Business Review quoting Mary Kay Ash (the cosmetics entrepreneur) concerning the power of two simple words, – Thank you. I was skeptical at first,

Slow Cooker Pumpkin Risotto With Fresh Sage And Parm Recipe

a fresh pumpkin filled with pumpkin risotto and fresh sage on a wooden table with a wooden spoon

Looking for a different side to go along with your Thanksgiving turkey?  Try this hearty, creamy slow cooker side instead of traditional stuffing. Pumpkin makes an excellent addition to rich risotto.  Pumpkin is dense and creamy on its own, and brings

There’s More Than One Way To Cook A Turkey

Thanksgiving roast turkey, on a platter surrounded by apples and oranges, on a harvest table

There are as many ways to cook a turkey as there are cooks to cook them.  (How’s that for holiday alliteration!) But it never hurts to learn something new, right? Until recently, I was devoted to my turkey cooking method. 

Bake Cornbread Now, Make Thanksgiving Sides Later

a piece of cornbread, topped with butter, on a wooden table

Did you know you can freeze cornbread?  If you bake your cornbread now and freeze it, you’ll have less to do when preparing your Thanksgiving celebration side dishes. Whether you call it stuffing, or as we in the South call

Pumpkin Mania: The Not-So-Scary History Of My Favorite Squash

a pretty girl sitting in a pumpkin patch, hugging a pumpkin, with a fall background.

I have a serious case of pumpkin mania. Every year, usually around the end of August, I start dreaming about the arrival of pumpkin season. I haunt the internet looking for new ways to cook pumpkin, new ways to use

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