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Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Chicken Pot Pie Soup

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18.6 OZ (1 LB 2.6 OZ) 527g

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13 Responses to Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Chicken Pot Pie Soup

  1. Becky says:

    Chicken pot pie? Not even close! This is a completely BLAND broth with absolutely no seasoning whatsoever with
    2-3 teaspoons of veges and chicken thrown in just because. There is absolutely NO flavor to this soup nor is it filling or satisfying in ANY way. You fooled me once. I won’t make the same mistake twice!

  2. Sandra says:

    I got several of these at Walmart a few months ago they were delish and full of veggie’s, I will be buying more in the future.

  3. Rose says:

    Super tasty, great when I’m not feeling good or on a cold day.
    My issue is with Walmart. Wild Oaks take note! Walmart does not keep these in stock.

  4. Cherie Skeen says:

    Contained very little chicken and few vegetables. Broth was less than mediocre. Won’t be purchasing again.

    • Dave Carter says:


      We apologize for your bad experience. It sounds like the product you purchased wasn’t fully filled with the good stuff. We are having our quality assurance team investigate to make sure that our processing line doesn’t short our customers on the chicken and vegetables.


  5. Tami says:

    Watery and bland. I definitely made a mistake purchasing this. How can you mess up basic chicken soup? Super soft mushy potatoes, carrots, celery and a smattering of chicken. I agree with Cherie–no stars. Walmart can carry this but not some other more tasteful brands?!?

  6. Gloria Penner says:

    Very bland all soup not enough stock in it needs to be thicker more meat veg potatoes I was very disappoint I buy the tomato and basil all the time I love it so i thought i would try the chicken pot pie big mistake sorry…,,

  7. Chris D says:

    I love this soup, it is perfect exactly as it is. Several people in my family suffer from GERD (Acid reflux) and other digestive disorders and this is the one soup everyone in the house can enjoy without having any problems at all. Canned soups are more often made with overwhelming amounts of spices. Our taste buds aren’t satisfied unless they are bombarded with loads of black pepper and other heartburn and acid causing irritants. This soup is what actual homemade natural healthy soup is supposed to taste like: Soup! Not spices and flavor enhancers. I am so upset that has discontinued carrying this product. I’m desperate to find it again. This and the Wild Oats Chicken Noodle are the only soups we can eat, this one – the Chicken Pot Pie being the favorite.

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Thanks Chris for this great comment! We appreciate it so much and please know that we are working to expand to new retailers as quickly as possible!

  8. Richard Horridge says:

    Excellent soup!!!!!! Great taste!!!!!!!!

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