Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Chipotle Hot Sauce

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5 FL OZ (148mL)

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22 Responses to Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Chipotle Hot Sauce

  1. Dave Schmoyer says:

    I bought your chipotle hot sauce at my local wal-mart in Lebanon PA.and my children and I absolutely love it,but when I went back to buy more, all the wild oats products where removed from the shelves. I was wondering what happened and why all the products where gone. Could you please help me to find a store close by that still carries your products, or a way to buy it online. Thank you – Dave

    • Wild Oats Moderator says:

      Hi Dave,
      Our records indicate that you should be able to find Wild Oats products in the Walmart store at 1355 E Lehman St. Lebanon, PA. Use the Walmart app to locate our products.

      Wild Oats Team

  2. Rogelio says:

    So good

  3. DarcyB says:

    Love! Comfortable heat and great flavor 🙂

    • Dave Carter says:


      Comfortable heat…I love that way of describing it. Thanks for the feedback. And, thanks voe being a Wild Oats fan.


  4. Jen says:

    Love this hot sauce! My only question is what exactly is the source of your organic natural flavor? And by that I mean the ingredient specifically. Thanks

    • Dave Carter says:

      Hi Jen,

      Our organic natural flavor is a proprietary blend that we keep under wraps because we don’t want our competitors to copy us. However, we do have to disclose those ingredients to the certification agency that audits us to make sure we are complying with the USDA organic standards. You can rest assured that all of those ingredients are approved under the National organic Regulations.


  5. Steve in powhatan co va says:

    I also love the chipotle Hotsauce and I could not get the walmart to reorder it after about 5 request from me to different people managers ect they said it’s ordered but after weeks of checking I am checking other stores sofar can’t find it and my walmart fill your space with other Hotsauces really upset me I loved the stuff

    • Sue, sometimes NC and sometimes AR says:

      I have the same issue .. we LOVE this sauce .. can’t find it anywhere .. Can we order it direct from Wildoats?

      • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

        Hi Sue! Not at the moment, but it’s something that we are strongly considering. Thanks for your comment and please know that we are working hard on additional shopping options for customers!

  6. Steve in powhatan co va says:

    The chipotle organic hot sauce is awsume but my local walmarts won’t reorder it for some reason can’t yall do something or tell me if not walmart where else to get it in richmond va area thanks

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Steve! Thanks for reaching out! We are currently working hard to make the line more accessible. Please stay tuned!

  7. Terri says:

    Any chance this will be available in Greensboro, NC again? I’ve checked the Walmart @ Pyramid and the Reidsville Walmart. I know the Battleground store won’t have it, because they’ve never carried any of your products. I’m getting complaints at home because we have run out.

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Terri! Thanks so much for reaching out! We are looking at new shopping options for our wonderful customers. Please stay tuned and thanks for being such a great customer!

  8. Mick says:

    Is this still available? Fresh and Easy have gone out of business now, as you know, and Walmart no longer even have it for order on their website?? 🙁

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Mick – We are working on providing our customers additional shopping options. Please stay tuned and thanks for your support!

  9. Suzanne says:

    My daughters love the chipotle sauce. But the Walmart in Lynchburg, VA, told us they were not going to carry it any more. Is there any way we can get it again?

  10. Gloria says:

    I also have a problem finding this after falling in love with the flavor of the Chipotle hot sauce. I bought it twice and third time, I searched and it wasn’t on the shelf. I have looked every week for over a month at least. Can we order this through the mail?

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Gloria! We are working on providing new shopping options for our customers. Please stay tuned and thanks for your support!

  11. Christa says:

    Can you tell me if there is an option to purchase somewhere other than Walmart? It doesn’t seem that ANY of their stores are carrying this. I LOVE the Chipotle Hot Sauce, and I can’t find it anywhere.

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