Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Instant Oats & Flax Oatmeal

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74 Responses to Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Instant Oats & Flax Oatmeal

  1. Keith Petty says:

    Love oats and flax instant oatmeal. Always out of stock at Wal-Mart. Bought 4 boxes last time, which was all they had.

  2. Dawn says:

    Although the front label does not indicate it, this is a sweetened cereal. The only way you’d know is to look at the nutrition panel and see the 11g of sugar per serving. I didn’t see that and thought I was buying plain, unsweetened oats and flax.

  3. vadilena says:

    I love it!!!!!!! πŸ™‚

  4. melissa tanner says:

    These are pretty good. I would have liked to have seen more flax seed in it, and this product offered in various flavors, like maybe adding dried strawberry, blueberry, ect to mix up the variety.

    • Wild Oats Moderator says:

      Hi Melisa,
      Thank you for the suggestion. We will share it with our product development team.

      Wild Oats Team

  5. Evelyn Sweesy says:

    Did not read the side panel and thought I was getting plain oats and flax oatmeal. There is 11 grams which equals 2.25 teaspoons of sugar in this small packet of cereal – way too much. Would have been great without the sugar. Won’t be purchasing this product again. Am actually going to try to return it for a refund.

  6. Lauren says:

    Way too sweet!! Grabbed this to try instead of the plain Wild Harvest flax oatmeal. Will be returning this and sticking to that!

  7. jutta says:

    Love it but decreasing sugar in this product would attract more buyers.

  8. Tracey says:

    Love it but too sweet! Reduce the sugar and I will continue to buy.

  9. Shonna says:

    Love this stuff. I add a little coconut oil to mine. Can’t seem to find it again though. Hope this won’t be a constant problem.

    • Oatie at Wild Oats says:

      Hi Shona,

      I’m sad to let you know that we have discontinued or oats and flax oatmeal. However, we are getting a number of requests to bring back our cereals, so are looking at how to accomplish that while keeping our certified organic products both affordable and accessible. We’ll keep you pasted.


      • Cheryl says:

        I love this oatmeal. I’m sad that you are discontinuing it.

      • Krystal says:

        Oats & Flax is my favorite oatmeal, please bring it back!!!

      • Jonna says:

        Why’d it get discontinued?? Geeeesh.

        • Dave Carter says:

          Hi Jonna,

          We were running into difficulties sourcing all of the ingredients we needed in order to be organic. We’re working on a fix, though.


      • barbara says:

        Oats & Flax is my favorite oatmeal, please bring it back!!! After eating your Oats & Flax oatmeal, I can no longer stand the tast of Quaker Oatmeal. You have to bring this back!!!!!

      • Rachel says:

        I do hope you are able to bring this back. It is my favorite oatmeal, and I’d love to see it stocked on the Kroger and Walmart shelves. Though I love it as it is, I would be willing to try a lower sugar option.

        • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

          Hi Rachel! Thanks so much for the feedback and we are seeing what we can do to bring this product back!

  10. Casey says:

    Is it true the oatmeal has been discontinued? If so, I’m so unhappy. Our store hardly ever had any stocked and now it’s gone. πŸ™

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Casey! Thanks so much for reaching out! Yes, it has been discontinued, but please look for more coming from Wild Oats soon!

  11. Debbie Thrasher says:

    Please bring the oats and flax oatmeal back! I love it and it was so good to know it was organic. Had to buy the brand I was before Wild Oats and there is just no comparison. So sad. πŸ™

  12. terri prettyman says:

    Love this oatmeal but most of the walmarts are out of it. Harder to get?
    Any suggestions

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Terri! For now the oatmeal has been discontinued, but we are getting so many great comments on it that we are taking them into consideration for the future!

  13. JULIE MOORE says:

    LOVE the oatmeal, I buy all they have every time and now I cannot find any .

    • Oatie at Wild Oats says:


      You and a ton of other folks love our oatmeal. Unfortunately, we ran into a problem buying the organic ingredients we need at a price tat will keep this cereal affordable for our customers. Don’t give up heart, though. The feedback from you and our other oatmeal fans is letting us know that we need to try harder.

      Stay tuned.


  14. Cindy says:

    Please let me know ASAP when these delicious oatmeal’s are back in stores. This is a very sad day πŸ™

  15. Shirley says:

    I love this oatmeal and the only place I found it was at Walmart in Tullahoma Tennessee… They quit carrying it and I was wondering if we could get it at Manchester Tennessee Walmart or can I order it online? I was eating it every morning at work and I’m very sad cause i can’t find it anywhere anymore.

    • Dave Carter says:

      Hi Shirley,

      We’ve stopped making our oatmeal, but will be looking at bringing it back, based ont he comments from you and many of our other customers. Thanks for the feedback.


  16. Eva Smith says:

    Love this oatmeal. I would like to buy it by the case.

    • Dave Carter says:

      Hi Eva,

      Unfortunately, we have discontinued our organic oatmeal. However, we are receiving a lot of calls from our customers asking that we bring it back. We’ll do our best to make that happen.


  17. Keondria Bennett says:

    I agree with the other person. I like the maple but Walmart seems to not carry it anymore. There’s not even a spot on the shelf for it anymore and I’m quite upset about it.

    • Dave Carter says:

      We hear you Keondria! And, we are adding your comments to the list of input we are receiving to ask us to bring back the oatmeal.


  18. Michelle says:

    Very sad that it has been discontinued!! Quaker Oats “organic” just does not compare in taste!!!

    • Dave Carter says:


      Were adding your name, too, to the growing list of customers asking us to bring back the oatmeal. Thanks for the input!


  19. Ann Bryan says:

    Hope you do research and hope that you are able to bring back the Oats and Flax oatmeal. We really enjoyed the hot cereal.

  20. Monica says:

    I loved this oatmeal! PLEASE bring it back soon!

  21. Lisa says:

    I love Wildoats Apple and Cinnamon oatmeal. Sad to see it has been discontinued. I have not found any other oatmeal that compares. It has been so frustrating. Please let me know if and when it is available again.

    • Dave Carter says:


      Be sure to follow us on Facebook. the feedback from you and your fellow Wild Oats shoppers has us re-looking at our decision on our Oatmeal. We’ll post any new developments on Facebook.


  22. Judy says:

    I love the regular oatmeal, but I can no longer find it at the Walmarts in my town, I have been to all three of them

    • Dave Carter says:


      So sorry to have you looking in vain for our oatmeal products. we have discontinued those products. However, we are looking for ways to get our oatmeal back in production because of the feedback from shoppers like you. We’ll keep everyone posted on our Facebook Page.


  23. Jonna says:

    Super! The best ever!

  24. Michelle says:

    I cant find this oatmeal anywhere I keep looking and looking!! everytime I find a product I love, it always gets taken away it never fails! please bring it back

  25. debbie says:

    Love this, but our wal-marts don’t carry it πŸ™

  26. Linda says:

    my favorite oatmeal! BUT I can no longer find any oatmeals at any walmart here. I see other products except for the oatmeal. πŸ™

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Linda! The Oatmeal has been discontinued for now, but we are taking all this positive feedback into consideration!

  27. Kellie Nall says:

    Bring this oatmeal back! I didn’t know it had been discontinued and I have been looking everywhere for it. I like it the way it is, and I will also like it with less sugar – just get it back on the shelves please!

  28. J Bruce says:

    Love the organic oat & flax!! Best oatmeal I have ever tried! I think most customers would be willing to pay a little more to get your quality products. Please make this available again! Thank you!

  29. K D H says:

    I happened upon a box of this in my pantry – I guess from last year – it wasn’t expired so I decided to try it. Now I’m hooked. Then I come to review it and find out it has been discontinued. Not a happy camper. I struggle to find organic oatmeal that tastes good, and this is awesome, it may be a bit high in sugar, but I overlooked that for the great taste and the fact it is organic. PLEASE bring it back – more flavors would be great as well – someone suggested strawberries and I second that. P L E A S E. Thank you!

  30. Jessica says:

    i’ve been looking for this oatmeal everywhere since trying it at my best friends house in vegas. couldn’t find it. so upset to hear it’s discontinued. i’ve never liked oatmeal until she made this for me and it was delicious.

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Jessica! We are getting so many positive comments about the Oatmeal that we are considering bringing it back. In the meantime, please try our other delicious products!

  31. Cheryl Tyson says:

    Love this oatmeal, but can not find it at any of the local Walmart stores, in Tampa Florida. Where can I get it.

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Cheryl – It has been discontinued for now, but we are getting so many positive comments about it that we are carefully taking them into consideration!

  32. Barbara says:

    Just like the other customers after trying this brand of oatmeal it has been hard for me to eat any other brand. Please find a way to bring it back!

  33. Lisa says:

    My favorite Oat & Flax Oatmeal, one of the best I’ve ever had. Please come back, I begged>>

  34. Lini says:

    I’ve been struggling to find a replacement since this product has been discontinued and have had absolutely no luck! Please bring back!!!

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Lini! We appreciate the feedback and we are checking to see if it is possible to bring the product back!

  35. Mike Rodgers says:

    please let me know where you have Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Instant Oats & Flax Oatmeal (in individual pks)……our Walmarts and Krogers in Denton,TX continue not having your product.

  36. Michelle says:

    Have you brought back any of the oatmeals???

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Michelle – We have been working on our transition out of Walmart stores and into new retailers. We know that customers love the Oatmeal and we are seeing what we can do to bring it back!

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