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Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Whole Kernel Corn

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21 Responses to Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Whole Kernel Corn

  1. Alice Allenbrand says:

    I was so hungry for corn. Finally, Walmart sells Wildoats organic products! The corn is just delicious! I use it in fresh organic salads with WildOats: green beans, petite diced tomatoes, and salad dressing- all on organic greens & organic green onions. Like manna!I bought numerous canned items and two salad dressings. I am going to look for other products from you. It should be the other way around> that non-organic and processed, etc “foods” would be in the minority for folks who are thoughtless or uneducated about health requirements. I thank God for you and Walmart.

  2. Kerri Schmahl says:

    I have been looking for organic canned corn for years! I was so happy to find your product at Walmart. I hope you expand into Kroger grocery stores. Thank you!!!

    • Wild Oats Moderator says:

      Hi Kerri,
      We are glad you were able to discover one of our products. We are only in partnership with Walmart and Fresh & Easy. We will pass your suggestion to our logistics and inventory team.


      Wild Oats Team

  3. Debra says:

    I too have been hungry for a good organic corn. I purchased several cans at Walmart in my home town. I am still a little afraid thought about whether it is non GMO. I looked on your labels and did not see anything that indicated whether it was GMO free…I am afraid that just labeling something organic is still not enough for me. I have autoimmune disease and want assurance that Wild Oats is all GMO FREE. If it is and you can show me where they have been tested then I will shout from the roof tops.

    • Robert Gierwatowski says:

      Hi Debra,
      Our organic products are GMO free but currently they are not certified as GMO free. Without proper certification we are not able to put that label on our products.

      -Wild Oats Team

      • Lorie Ruhmann says:

        Hi Debra,
        You said above that your organic products are GMO free but currently they are not certified as GMO Free. When you plan to get that certification? Until then, no corn for my family.


  4. Bernard says:

    Wow! I just discovered the WILD OATS Organic Whole Kernel Corn at my local Walmart. And I am so excited. I bought all they had on the shelves so as to get me through the long New England winter. On my next trip to Walmart I will look for other WILD OATS products, such as beets and the tomatoes that Alice Allenbrand mentioned above. This is good. This is really, really good.

  5. Fred Lake says:

    Why not the non GMO certification? I am at the store now and was going to buy a case or 2 but decided not to because I want to make sure my family does not consume GMOs. We need to see its certified non GMO!

    • Dave Carter says:

      Hi Fred,

      GMO certification provides additional fees that would increase the cost of our products. Organic certification requires that we verify that our products are GMO free. In fact, we consider organic as Non GMO, and much more. You can buy our organic products knowing that they are GMO free.


  6. Lynn says:

    I know that the certification of organic means they are also free of GMO’s. This information is on the web if potential customers are interested in finding out more themselves. Look up “organic, what does it mean?” and you should find it. Believe it or not, I am typing this over a plate of Wild Oats canned corn and some wild caught flounder that had “flounder” as it’s only ingredient in the frozen fish counter at Winn Dixie. I have only found garbanzo beans and corn in the “organic” classification at my local Walmart. I probably have to go to a Supercenter rather than a Walmart Marketplace, which is smaller. Your corn, by the way, is delicious, and I buy it every trip almost.

  7. Susanna says:

    We have been looking for non-GMO corn for my son who is having difficulty digesting GMO products. Thank you for providing this product. He is so thankful to be able eat corn again.

  8. Savas Papadopoulos says:

    where is this corn from (country)? the can does not state country of origin

  9. Rob Wilson says:

    I love corn haven’t ate it for several years because of the GMO that’s one thang I can’t see on ur label is ur corn and other products GMO free

  10. Rosanne Roman says:

    I called the company to find out if the corn which is organic was 100% free of GMO. I kinda got a yes but I really don’t think the woman on the end of the line really knew the answer. Looking up online regarding USDA Organic does not mean 100% GMO free. It has to Say 100% Organic to be 100% GMO free. I don’t trust this product until I see that label. It is not exactly cheap so i can wait till the labeling is fixed before I buy any more of this product. My health is too important.

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