Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Garlic Powder

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Wild Oats is providing even more affordable food choices with Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Garlic Powder to help everyone be their best starting from the inside.

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  • Kosher

8 Responses to Wild Oats Marketplace Organic Garlic Powder

  1. Doreen Flash says:

    Is there another ingredient in you garlic powder?
    Had this morning for the first time and had a reaction that I normally get to sulfites & msg.
    Please let me know.
    Thank you.
    Have used a lot of your other spices without any issues & love them.

    • Robert Gierwatowski says:

      Hi Doren,
      There is nothing but garlic in our garlic powder. Because it is organic, we do not use flow agents or other additives. It is 100% garlic. We do not allow either sulfites or MSG in our products. They are included in our 125 no-nos.

      Wild Oats Team

  2. Cynthia says:

    Does your garlic come from china?

    • Chelsea Vurciaga says:

      Hi Cynthia! Please provide a lot Code number on your garlic so we can track it back to it’s source.

  3. Christopher says:

    Does your garlic come from China? (Lot126235)



  4. Becca says:

    My garlic powder (organic) batch number is 2191502j. Is it chinese garlic?

    • Dave Carter says:

      Hi Becca,

      Our garlic powder is sourced from China, Egypt, India and USA. All of our granuated garlic is sourced from the USA. And, sll of our garlic is certified organic under the USDA regulations.

      Thanks for asking.


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