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An existentialist driven by insatiable curiosity as well as a Wild Oats team member, Aisleagh Jackson spends much of her time collecting stories and accruing insights on how to cultivate a life wherein ‘the journey is the destination’ (while attempting to balance champagne tastes with a beer budget). Working predominantly in Food, Film and Fashion, she is rarely bored and grateful for it. A believer in a holistic approach to life, style, health and adventure, Jackson can currently be found fighting aphids in her urban garden whilst cursing sotto voce in four languages. Aisleagh Jackson is part of the Wild Oats team.

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Berry Romantic Rhubarb Tart

Whether you love or loathe Valentine’s Day, everyone falls for a good tart. This rhubarb & berry confection was intended to be an easy whip up (using frozen puff pastry and frozen rhubarb, I thought it would be a snap).

Easy Stovetop Coconut Fried Chicken Sandwich

There is little as satisfying as a fried chicken sandwich for lunch, so you can imagine my delight at discovering how easy it is to make oneself. With a few alterations to a childhood favorite, I also discovered one can

Resolution Checkpoint: At-Home vs. the Gym Workout

One month into 2015, it’s time to take a look at how our New Year’s Resolutions are holding up. First up? Fitness, which as we discussed earlier, is among the top priorities each year. I myself decided to test whether

Impress Your Guests with Your Snack Game: Easy Homemade Chips & Salsa

With the Big Game just around the corner, it’s time to talk snacks. With an estimated viewership of 180 million Americans, over 1 billion chicken wings and an average of 1200 calories consumed throughout, Game Day is reported to be the

Powerful Post-Workout Smoothie

As January rolls to a close, millions of Americans are well underway on their fitness resolutions. Whether the goal is to lose weight, gain flexibility, train for a marathon or increase energy, sticking to a new regime can be challenging.

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