That Juicy Burger Can be Good for the Environment

I love to eat a juicy burger because, well, juicy burgers are delicious. Lately, it seems that eating burgers, or any kind of meat, comes with a measure of guilt. On top of everything else, cows are being blamed as

The Body Heals the Same Way it Develops

I love watching a patient’s eyes light up when they realize how easy it is to restore their health.  The body operates under certain principles and if we follow these basic principles, the healing process works out rather quickly. One

How To Be Sure Vegetarian Meals Don’t Lack Essential Nutrients

A lot of my friends are vegetarians. Considering that I am very much a meat eater, I sometimes have a hard time relating. However, despite my own personal tastes I understand the importance of respecting personal choices, and since I

Eat to Hydrate: Six High-Water Content Veggies

Now that spring is finally here (we hope!), the lure of warmer weather will certainly get you thinking about fun outdoor activities. And with that comes the importance of staying hydrated. If you appreciate variety, you know it doesn’t always

Connecting Your Children with Food Part 1

I grew up with a family where Salisbury Steak TV dinner was an exciting alternative to trying to figure out something to cook for myself. Needless to say that didn’t exactly set me up for having a connected relationship with

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