This year I promise to…

You can fill in the blank however you want. But I promise to eat more vegetables. I know, it sounds simple. You buy veggies, you eat those veggies. But more times than I care to admit, those beautiful vegetables, selected

A Thanksgiving Transgression

Life is full of irony. Nothing demonstrates that like our family Thanksgiving table. This year, we had an organic turkey, basted with white wine, butter and honey The stuffing was organic as well, with organic celery, cranberries and onions. Organic

Broccoli rocks! – Part 4 – It can help you deal with air pollution!

Father with son looking on chemical plant emissions at sunset time

Since this is Part 4 of the “Broccoli rocks!” series, you probably have gotten the message that I love broccoli!  It is one of the most impressive vegetables.  It is so funny because my 7 year old grandson (who spends

Broccoli rocks! – Part 3 – Keep those cells clean and healthy!

a plate of broccolli and pasta

Keep those cells clean and healthy?  In today’s world, a “cell” could mean one of three things  –  your cell phone, or a place you stay if you get arrested, or the critical self-contained structures that make up every living

Broccoli rocks! – Part 2 – Detoxify? Oh yes!

Broccoli With Cheddar Cheese Sauce

Broccoli is a really healthy addition to our diets.  For a lot of reasons!  Getting toxic substances out of our bodies is critical for maintaining our good health.  For a lot of reasons!  We have built-in detoxifying enzymes and a


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