Food On The Fly 2 – The Good, The Bad and the Truth About Food Choices

woman eating pizza while looking at a bowl of salad on a dark background

There is a lot of pressure out there in the way of food studies, telling us all of the things we are doing wrong. They tell us we are overweight and undernourished. That we have reasons to be suspicious of

Food On the Fly 1

pretty woman standing in front of a chalk board, deciding between fast food and healthy food images

I remember one very hungry afternoon, after dragging our three disinterested, energetic kids through a downtown museum, guiltily suggesting to my linen napkin mother-in-law, that, “Maybe we could just drive through somewhere…” I was surprised when her response was, “Sometimes

Signs of a Food Allergy

woman and child

A person can develop a food allergy at any point in the life cycle. Nearly 15 million Americans have a food allergy: 9 million adults and 6 million children. Food allergies can be scary, especially if the reaction is severe

Eat Smart to Be Smart 15 Brain-Boosting Foods

Here’s a tip before that next big meeting, test or appearance on Jeopardy. Some foods are higher in the nutrients that specifically boost brain power. That’s right, you can eat yourself smarter! So there’s no reason to chow down on

Connecting Your Children with Food Part 3

There is something horrifying about watching what was once recognizable food being rearranged into something that resembles… well, not food. Did you ever make those cookies with your kids that have been rolled and stabbed and dropped and iced and


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