An Avocado a Day has a Surprisingly Great Effect on Cholesterol!

Avocados have a surprisingly great effect on cholesterol?  You are probably thinking “How surprising could it be?” For integrative medicine docs like me, it falls into the category of “Wow, that’s amazing!”  I’ll tell you about that in a minute.

Is it a bad idea to eat eggs for breakfast everyday?

This is National Egg Month!!  Do you ever wonder about eating too many eggs?  The caution with eggs is related mostly to the cholesterol content for people who need or wish to watch their cholesterol levels.  The nutritional value of

Love Muffins? See what could help or hurt your cholesterol!

muffins in a tin

No, there isn’t any such thing as the “muffin diet” to lower cholesterol.  Oh darn!  Actually, the topic today is more about the type of oil used in making your muffins and less about the actual muffins.  Let me explain

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