Even Bambi Benefits from Organic

As I was headed though some Michigan farmland at about dusk, I spotted a couple of deer grazing at the edge of a field of emerging corn. Previously, I blogged about the family whose decision to go organic was driven

Aspire Higher

Hiking Success Silhouette, Man Trail Runner In Mountains

Recently, I met with a young medical doctor. He is looking at the entire medical care industry differently, and questioning why we do things the way we do. For instance, why are certain medications, surgeries, and procedures prescribed — just

Can Beauty Make You Happy?

Girl On Sunset

Feeling a little blue or need a creative lift? Try taking in the Fall colors, or stroll through your favorite museum. It’s no surprise that beauty has a positive effect on us, but can it really make you happy? The

Reports Collar the Benefits of Organic Food

a farmer and shoppers choosing produce

Critics of organic food like to stress that there is no nutritional difference between organic products, and those products produced with chemical fertilizers and pesticides. In fact, those critics tend to get a little hot under the collar anytime someone

After The Fireworks, A Garbage Intervention

a composting bin

So the fireworks have fizzled and you’ve collected all those paper plates and Popsicle sticks. You have about twice your body weight in watermelon rinds and cornhusks stacked up and waiting to be disposed of. You could spend the rest


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