Healthy Road Trips Snacks for your Spring Break Trip

Growing up, the part of vacations with my family that I loved the most were always the road trips to get there. This was back before minivans with dvd players, Mp3 players, handheld video games and other new technology that

Just Show Up

Group Of Friends Sitting Around Table Having Dinner Party

Today, I reinforced, for myself, a very important part of life. I think it’s worth talking about — how important it is to Just Show Up. Whether you want to or not, if invited or asked, always, just show up.

Organic Knowledge Spans Generations

Farmers today have a lot of resources to help them navigate the challenges of raising healthy crops and livestock. Land grant universities, the Cooperative Extension Service, and federal agencies offer a wealth of technical information regarding everything from the depth

Coleslaw, Forever a Favorite

a bowl of coleslaw

Happy Independence Day! July 4th is my favorite holiday because it’s the start of summer, there is usually a fun party to go to, and we are free to celebrate the American way with a delicious family style potluck meal.

An Ironic Path to Organic

a father and his crop duster 1950's

Someone asked me awhile back if I came along the path of organic and alternative agriculture because of my family background. Ah, life is full of ironies. My dad made his living after World War II as a crop duster.


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