Farm Aid for the First Time

girl waving hands in the air at Farm Aid 2014 concert

Farm aid for the first time is a multifaceted experience-by it’s very nature, the event is a different world each time, highlighting the host region’s unique offerings-and thus there are many different adventures to be had. Arriving as I did,

Live From Farm Aid… After the Fact

I’m six different kinds of sweaty, mud-splattered, jet-lagged and sore from hauling around a good 35 lbs. of equipment. I am also having an outrageously good time. Farm Aid 2014, in the humid glory of Raleigh, NC, is in full

Farm Aid 2014: Dave Matthews, Pulled Pork And Family Farms

a pulled pork sandwich on a wooden board with an ear of corn

Farm Aid is dedicated to advancing the cause of family farmers. The crowd at the Farm Aid concert represents a cross section of America. The day begins with lots of outreach and education on issues impacting family farms. As the

How Farm Aid Will Affect Wild Oats’ Future [VIDEO]

Wild Oats CEO Tom Casey on what he’s seen and what he’s learned at Farm Aid 2014 that can help Wild Oats in the future.

Wild Oats CEO Tom Casey at Farm Aid 2014: “Farms Are Saving Us.”

Wild Oats CEO Tom Casey talks about the difference between Farm Aid of 1985 and today at Farm Aid 2014. Today we need farms to grow healthy food to save us as much as they need our help to survive.


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