Nature Paints in Watercolors…Sometimes a Bit Much

I always like to say that nature paints in watercolor, but she’s been splashing the canvass around here like an angry artist. My herd of bison graze in a part of eastern Colorado that generally receives about 15 inches of

Standing Up for Farmers

This past week at Expo West, I had the pleasure of attending a dinner thrown by the Organic Center, at which Anna Lappé was the Keynote speaker. Of the many ideas and ingenuities I encountered over the course of the

Daylight Savings – Spring Forward. Fall Back. Not For Farmers

The onset of Daylight Savings Time each year makes me think of Lawrence Dorrell. Lawrence was a veteran lobbyist for farmers in the Indiana legislature for many years. When I began my career as a farm organizer a gazillion years

A Warm Feeling about the Arctic Blast

Red Bow On Fence In Snow

Arctic vortex. The very name stuck fear into the hearts of people in much of the country last week. Those fears were justified for folks struggling to pay heating bills, or working outside. I certainly didn’t greet the arrival of

Organic Knowledge Spans Generations

Farmers today have a lot of resources to help them navigate the challenges of raising healthy crops and livestock. Land grant universities, the Cooperative Extension Service, and federal agencies offer a wealth of technical information regarding everything from the depth


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