Is This the Most Powerful Food on the Planet?

Did you know that flax has been considered to be so healthy that a king once ordered the people in his community to consume more of it on a regular basis? It’s true! Sometime in the 8th Century, King Charlemagne

Fabulous Flax

a measuring cup of flax with some brownie mix

I am about to share with you the most important thing I have discovered about Flax. You can put it in brownies! Yes its true. It makes them not only even better tasting, but also places them on the Shepard,

Easy Ways to Spice up Your Salads (and Increase the Nutrition, Too!)

Are you looking for easy ways to add a new taste, texture and more nutrition to your next salad? Here are some great ingredients you can use to liven up your lettuce and make your next salad more interesting and

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