Eating Versus Drinking Calories: What’s the Difference?

According to researchers, your brain registers liquid calories differently than it does from eating solid foods. For example, say you were to drink a tall glass of orange juice. OJ is naturally high in sugar, and sugar contains calories. An

Is This the Most Powerful Food on the Planet?

Did you know that flax has been considered to be so healthy that a king once ordered the people in his community to consume more of it on a regular basis? It’s true! Sometime in the 8th Century, King Charlemagne

Grill Up Cast Iron 4th Of July Favorites!

Blackberry cobbler made in a cast iron skillet

You don’t need to be intimidated about using your cast iron skillet outdoors.  Cast iron works perfectly on an outdoor grill.  So for the Independence Day holiday, why not put your cast iron skillet to the test and grill up

The Amazing Dairy-Free, Egg-Free, Chocolate Mousse!

a delicious mousse made with avocado!

I first heard about this strange and delicious chocolate mousse at a Super Bowl party of all places. While we were prepping some neat finger foods, the talk wasn’t about the big game, or even the commercials, but of an

8 Crazy Ideas for Breakfast!

Let me start by saying I love breakfast. And you should too. Depending on where the day may take you, it could be the only time you’ll have total control over what you’re eating. But why limit yourself to traditional

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