Eating Versus Drinking Calories: What’s the Difference?

According to researchers, your brain registers liquid calories differently than it does from eating solid foods. For example, say you were to drink a tall glass of orange juice. OJ is naturally high in sugar, and sugar contains calories. An

Curb that After Mealtime Sweet Tooth with Fruit

If you’re like me you want something sweet after a meal, and while there are many risks of eating too much sugar, fruit is a natural way to satisfy that sweet tooth without overdoing your daily intake. Here are some

If you’re going to graze, do it responsibly!

a healthy apple for a snack

Apparently we’re a nation of grazers, going through the day snacking, often in place of the “required” three square meals a day. The idea of three meals appears to have its origins in ancient Greece – although no one seems

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