Are You Confused About Fiber?

Green diet questions concept as a group of fresh fruit and vegetables in the shape of a question mark as a symbol of good high fiber healthy eating and information on natural nutrition.

Fiber, fiber, fiber… We’re told to get as much as we can into our diet. We’re told it’s good for our heart, will help control our weight and might even help prevent disease. But what is it, where do I

Garlic: The Wonderfully Stinky Healer

Garlic bulb and cloves over wood background

In spite of the often breath-scorching results of eating of garlic, it has been prized for over 7,000 years for its intense flavor and aroma. Possibly even because of the stink, this member of the onion family –a close relative of

Top 7 Reasons To Stop Eating Sugar Now

The words "too much sugar" written in sugar grains. Overhead vi

If you think you’re doing okay by limiting the amount of candy and sweets you eat, think again. Sugar is, literally, in everything these days —from bread and granola bars, to yogurt and salad dressing. So it’s time to rethink

Another Reason To Skip Bagged Lettuce

Iceberg Lettuce In Plastic Bag Package

We’re all supposed to eat more leafy greens, right? And bagged lettuce makes that oh, so convenient, right? Yes, but… Bagged and pre-washed lettuce, as well as other bagged produce, can present health dangers. Not just harmful bacteria that can

Just Show Up

Group Of Friends Sitting Around Table Having Dinner Party

Today, I reinforced, for myself, a very important part of life. I think it’s worth talking about — how important it is to Just Show Up. Whether you want to or not, if invited or asked, always, just show up.


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