Healthy Road Trips Snacks for your Spring Break Trip

Growing up, the part of vacations with my family that I loved the most were always the road trips to get there. This was back before minivans with dvd players, Mp3 players, handheld video games and other new technology that

A look at how snacking has changed over the last 40 years!

OK, in celebration of National Snack Month and also Heart Health Month, let’s talk about both …  what trends have we seen in snacking over the last 40 years, and what should we be snacking on to support our healthy

Spicy Popcorn Snack Attack!

I feel like I’m always hungry during the holiday season! Maybe it’s because there are so many opportunities to eat something tasty. To burn off those extra holiday calories and curb my appetite, I try to be active through out

TV, DVD’s, Electronic Games for Christmas? What parents should know!

We know that time spent in front of the “screen” is related to increased obesity.  It is commonly called “sit time” … and … compared to “fit time”  …. well there is no comparison.  Physical activity burns calories and improves

Watch healthy after school snack ideas

Now that the school year is in full swing, the kids are coming home from school ready for an amazing after school snack (no pressure!). Fuel their growing bodies and minds with delicious, healthy natural products that they will love!


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