Eating Versus Drinking Calories: What’s the Difference?

According to researchers, your brain registers liquid calories differently than it does from eating solid foods. For example, say you were to drink a tall glass of orange juice. OJ is naturally high in sugar, and sugar contains calories. An

Stay Hydrated this 4th of July

Lots of fruit juices

Ah the fourth- delicious food, abundant cocktails, hot weather and an opportunity to celebrate with those you love in the great outdoors. These are a few of my favorite things. The only issue? That delicious food, cocktail, weather and exposure

Resume Chilling, or How to Stay Happily Hydrated

Watermelon Coconut Milk Beverage

It’s a beautiful sunny day, one in a streak of hot days designed for outdoors living and activities. You’ve been invited to the beach to partake, but you are feeling slightly less than great. Tired, weak, a tad dizzy and

Juicing to Beat the Heat

A quick apology to those for whom Spring has yet to be sprung, but here in Los Angeles it is hot as hades. Between the heat outside and the lack of AC inside, I find my appetite wilting along with

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