Why kids get summer vacation?

If you are having trouble figuring out what your children are going to do during the next three months of summer vacation, don’t blame the farmers. They aren’t responsible for school being out in the summer. There is a common

Healthy Lunch Ideas For Kids During The Summer

The two most important words to a kid may sometimes be the two scariest words for a Mom. They bring joy to boys and girls across the world as they daydream during the rough Winter months. They bring smiles to

Tried and True Habits & The Surprising Advantage of Good Manners

a shadow on pavement of an adult hand offering help to a child

One of the nicest things about deciding to do better is that you get to start right where you are. If the gulf between the life you envision for you and your child, and the life you are living resembles

The Kids Made this Family Decision

kids climbing on a tractor

It’s not easy as a farmer to make the transition to growing food that can be certified organic. First, there is the cost of certification, followed by a three-year transition period in which the land must be farmed organically but

Fueling Your Adolescent Athlete, Part Two

Fueling your adolescent athlete in a nutritious and delicious way will help them perform to the best of their ability and will aid in the prevention of dehydration, injury and overall energy run-down. Here are some snack suggestions to fuel


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