Power-up with Wild Oats Pasta Carbonara with Sweet Peas

Pasta Carbonara is one of my most favorite pasta recipes because it is such a versatile dish. The sauce is egg based and it’s made with ham, so it makes a fantastic brunch dish. Or, you can have the leftovers

Super Simple Wild Oats Sweet Pea Soup Recipe

Peas are a hard sell. Kids and adults alike (correct me if I’m wrong please!) have a hard time taking to peas. As I child, I couldn’t stand them- they totally made me gag! My dad enforced a “no-thank-you-helping” rule

An Amazing Wild Oats Pasta Amatriciana Recipe

Pasta Amatriciana is the spiciest of the four traditional Roman pasta dishes (the three others are carbonara,  grecia and cacio e pepe) and the only one from Rome with a tomato-based sauce. During my masters studies in food culture in Italy, I

When Baking, Ground Flax Seed Can Substitute For Eggs

Ground flax seed can be easily added to ready-to-eat salads, smoothies, and yogurt. However, did you know ground flax seed can also be used to as an egg substitute when baking? Per egg, add 3 Tablespoons of water to 1

Four Must-Eat Foods for Over 50

Let’s face it, when you hit the big 5-0, you need all the help you can get —at least when it comes to nutrition. So it seems smart to add foods into your diet that are going to give you

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