Favorite 5 Quotes: Strong Organic Soil

It doesn’t make sense to plant in soil that is depleted in nutrients, especially when we want to eat the plants we are trying to grow. Weak plants don’t make for nutritious meals, a healthy environment, or a sustainable planet.

Farm Aid: A Positive Force For Change Since 1985

farm aid logo

Farm Aid began as a rallying point for the farm protest movement during the depths of the farm crisis in the 1980’s. The farm organization for which I worked in 1985 even chartered a bus to ferry cash-strapped farmers to

How a Farmer Helped a Nutritionist Grow

An old farmer standing in a corn field with a pitch fork

My first job was picking tomatoes on a small, family run farm in my hometown of Basking Ridge, New Jersey. The farmer was a funny old man with big, bushy white eyebrows and dark, deeply wrinkled skin, weathered from years

Organic Farming Is Personal

A hand holding a sprouting plant against a blue sky

The relationship farmers have with the land is a common thread woven through many of the stories written about American agriculture. For organic farmer Dave Asbury, that relationship is personal. A pioneer of Colorado’s organic movement, Dave has been growing

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