What happens when children have a set bedtime routine? Good Things!!

In the world of medicine, we like to have official words for routine things.  What you call a “burp” (and we call it that too), is officially called an “eructation”.  I know  … that’s weird … that’s medicine for you! 

How alcohol is bad for sleep – and why a bedtime drink on Christmas Eve might be smart!

Spending 20 years as an ER doctor, I could list dozens of reasons why alcohol isn’t really good for you! Heck, I think we all know and acknowledge that alcohol is dangerous, thus the caution to “drink responsibly”. Well, what

5 sleep healers to try tonight

Dog Sleeping With Alarm Clock And Sleeping Mask

My last blog was about how – and why – certain foods and drinks can keep us from sleeping well. As in – maybe it was something you ate. Well, maybe it was something you didn’t eat! Because while what

Don’t Blame The Turkey or the Tryptophan

Alright, so there I was happily preparing to eat too much, blame the turkey and take a big old nap, and now it looks like I will just have to take a nap with no excuse at all, or at

5 sleep stealers that can keep you tossing and turning

We all know better than to give in to that late afternoon latté. What seemed (and smelled) like a great idea at 5 o’clock can come back to haunt you at midnight. Caffeine takes a while to work through your


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