Stalk Up on Celery for Better Sex and Less Stress

It seems like I’m always foraging around looking for something to carry us through to the next market stop. Recently I was making chicken salad and there just wasn’t enough chicken. I had already added grapes and walnuts and the

Herbs That Boost Energy

The demands of our everyday life can leave us drained. Fatigue, weakness and even depression have become routine consequences of a fast-paced lifestyle. All these symptoms can led to stress, which can complicate our health. So, if you want to

Can stress eating slow your metabolism? Yes!

Did you know that the #1 New Year’s Resolution is “to lose weight”?  I thought you did!  A new study shows that stress during the 24 hours before eating a high-fat meal slows metabolism.  Whoa, that’s not good! When it

Where Is The Light?

This time of year I love looking back through time, as we begin looking forward to the New Year. I find myself drawn, again and again into the origins of things, – Why we use a Yule log, and “deck

Are you a stress eater? The brain – tongue connection!

a woman tempted by a bowl of chips

Ever eat an entire bag of salty chips when you only intended to have just a few?  What about a whole box of cookies while cramming for a test?  Yep, me too!  These a just a couple of the many

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