Week 59: Mission Monday: Do You Get Crazy With Ketchup?

We’ve been known to top our eggs with Wild Oats Organic Ketchup from time to time, but we know there are stranger combinations out there. Share with us your weirdest, yet most delicious ketchup/food combo on our Twitter or Facebook

Week 58: Mission Monday: Olive Oil: Not Just For The Pan

Besides cooking, olive oil has been known to help with a number of beauty and health benefits, and we’re curious to hear more about them. How do you use Wild Oats olive oil outside of the kitchen? Share with us

Week 57: Mission Monday: Make This Meatless Monday A Noodle-y One

Sure veggie dishes may be a great option for Meatless Monday, but it’s also a great time to treat yourself to a bowl of your favorite pasta, topped with Wild Oats organic pasta sauce. Choose from Organic Tomato Basil, Organic

Week 56: Mission Monday: Now Taking Requests!

While we’re always thinking of new and exciting natural and organic products here at Wild Oats, we like to hear what our customers are craving. Which affordable organic products would you like to see Wild Oats make? Let us know

Week 54: Mission Monday: Put On Your Guessing Cap

We usually like to make a meal with our Organic Penne Rigate Pasta, but today we’re having a little fun with them. Can you guess how many noodles we fit in the jar? Share your guess for a chance to

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