Avoid These 5 Turkey Day Mistakes!

We all remember our first time… to cook a turkey, that is!  I lost my turkey-ginity in 1999.  And oh, boy, was it a disaster. Picture, if you will, 14 people in a 1200 square-foot condo, with no apps and

A Thanksgiving Transgression

Life is full of irony. Nothing demonstrates that like our family Thanksgiving table. This year, we had an organic turkey, basted with white wine, butter and honey The stuffing was organic as well, with organic celery, cranberries and onions. Organic

1620? You Don’t Say…

a postage stamp with pilgrims looking at the Mayflower

Well, it’s finally turkey day,  so I thought it might be fun to travel back through history and take a look at the year 1620 and the whole colonial experience — how we became Americans, and why we eat turkey and

Alternatives to Turkey for Smaller Celebrations

Thanksgiving dinner is traditionally a sprawling affair of all-day cooking and company, a feast for gathered friends and family. Some years, however, travel arrangements fall through, the extended family is out of town, and your friends are otherwise engaged. Without

9 Ideas For Using Thanksgiving Leftovers

a close up of a sandwich filled with thanksgiving leftovers like cranberry sauce, stuffing and turkey

Don’t fret about what to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers. Below are 9 different ideas for using all that Thanksgiving leftover goodness. You might even turn Thanksgiving Part Deux into something your family will ask for next year. I reject the

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