Just Eat Your Green Beans

I have these moments of nostalgia induced bliss when I think about what a good Mom I was and how wonderful our kids turned out. Then one of my actual children will call. Most of the time I can feign

Farmer’s Market on a Budget

Ah . . the farmers market, how I love thee. From the first burst of fragrant flowers as I enter to the divine sourdough bread and artisanal goat cheese, I am had. Though I know that the best use of

Juicing to Beat the Heat 2

Facing down a heatwave without air-conditioning, I’ve been juicing rather prolifically. This week’s cocktail is a blend of granny smith apples, Bartlett pears, celery and mint.  Both refreshing and rehydrating, this is a favorite of mine.  As both pears and

Why I love Cauliflower

Someone asked me about cauliflower and whether I like it. The answer is yes. Here is why I love cauliflower. Cauliflower is a really interesting vegetable to me first, because it is white and most white foods are not great

How To Be Sure Vegetarian Meals Don’t Lack Essential Nutrients

A lot of my friends are vegetarians. Considering that I am very much a meat eater, I sometimes have a hard time relating. However, despite my own personal tastes I understand the importance of respecting personal choices, and since I


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