Alien Cookies

Alien Cookies (Made with Spinach)

What do you get when you combine a distraught, traditional chocolate chip making grandma with her desire for a vegetable consuming grandkid? – Alien cookies. Am I crazy? Well, try them and see! Basically they started out as a light

If you’re going to graze, do it responsibly!

a healthy apple for a snack

Apparently we’re a nation of grazers, going through the day snacking, often in place of the “required” three square meals a day. The idea of three meals appears to have its origins in ancient Greece – although no one seems

Red Pepper Power

ripe red peppers

Summer is red pepper time!  Deliciously sweet and bold, red peppers liven up summertime fare.  And as a bonus–they’re packed with healthy stuff, too! As a child, one of my favorite summer treats was to walk out to my Paw’s

More good news about those fruits and veggies!

mom and child shopping for fruit

You have heard it again and again – “Eat your fruits and vegetables!” The list of good reasons for this advice seems to go on and on.  They are beautiful, naturally low in fat and calories and rich in vitamins,

Omega 3 and The Leafy Love Triangle Part 1

Popeye and Greens

Remember Popeye with his bulging biceps? Well, he may be just a cartoon character, but it turns out that the spinach he was pouring down his gullet really is a super-food. Rich in vitamins and iron, it’s of the many


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