This article by Sandy Zimmerman appears in Las Vegas Tribune at http://lasvegastribune.net/wild-oats-finds-ways-organic-food-accessible/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=wild-oats-finds-ways-organic-food-accessible, originally published on November 19, 2014.

Wild Oats Finds Ways To Make Organic Food More Accessible

By Sandy Zimmerman

Brendan Wonnacott, Spokesman for Fresh & Easy, explained, “There are new innovations like farm-to-store in 48-72 hours or less. You usually cannot get eggs fresher than that unless you have your own chickens or live on a farm. Look at each egg, there us a stamp showing the date it was laid. These farms are located in California and we have daily delivery.

At other markets, the eggs could be anywhere from two -six weeks old. You can taste the difference. Even our fruit states the dates they were shipped.

The idea is to bring in products you would not find anywhere else.

How does Wild Oats and Fresh & Easy create a high-quality line of food?

Brendan commented, “Since our partnership with Wild Oats we offer more variety. It is amazing that there are not a lot of grab-and-go organic and USDA certified items on the market. It has been a big process launching this last year. We have both fresh and frozen products.

Wild Oats and Fresh & Easy do not use any of those nasty preservatives, artificial colors, added trans fats or high-fructose corn syrup.

Our promise is to provide quality products. Just look at the ingredient list, we pride ourselves in having ingredients you can pronounce.

Great tastes, great ingredients, you know it’s fresh and what goes into the product.

This is a good deal because it is both organic and good for you.”

Our value in fresh food makes us stand-out and sets us apart from the others. That is why Wild Oats fits in with Fresh & Easy. We find ways to make healthy food more accessible and tasty.”Several times a year, Wild Oats holds blind taste tests (called “cuttings”) to sample leading national and regional brands alongside our own. Their Research and Development team pays close attention to every comment and, when necessary, adds new ingredients, changes ingredient combinations and alters flavor profiles… tasting and tweaking until a product gets the approval.

This journalist feels, “It is very comforting to know the food is healthy and more natural.”

Wild Oats is available at Fresh & Easy stores in Arizona, California and Nevada and at Walmart locations nationwide.” www.freshandeasy.com www.wildoats.com

Award winning Sandy Zimmerman is a syndicated columnist featuring Show and Dining reviews, Travel, Health, Spas, Luxury, Spas, Fashion, Automobiles and more.

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