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Dave Carter is a pioneer in connecting organic and sustainable farmers with shoppers seeking healthy, wholesome food. He began his career in rural America as a journalist in small-town newspapers, but soon began working with family farmers and ranchers who were fighting to weather the economic turbulence in rural America in the 1980’s. He developed a passion for working with farmers who were pioneering the development of natural meat and organic food production. Appointed to the USDA National Organic Standards Board by Agriculture Secretary Dan Glickman, Dave served as chair of that panel during the implementation of the national organic regulations. Over the past decade, he has helped lead the growth of the U.S. bison industry, has coordinated efforts to establish USDA organic regulations for pet food, and has been involved in several farmer-controlled marketing initiatives. He also has a small herd of bison that he maintains on a ranch east of Denver.

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The Real Dirt on Organic Farming

The secret to organic food really isn’t a mystery. In fact, it’s right beneath our feet. It’s the dirt. Or, as organic farmers call it: Soil. Much of conventional agriculture today focuses on the concept of maximum yield. The idea

Organic is Organic. From Farmer’s Market to Superstore.

“Scale” has long been a topic of debate within the organic food movement. After all, small farmers pioneered organic. Farmers’ markets, Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) operations, and other direct marketing links emerged as those growers began to bring their products

Farms Can’t Just Flip a Switch to Transition to Organic

Switching to organic isn’t like flipping a switch.  Some journalists covering growing customer demand for organic food have commented on the reluctance of many farmers to convert their crops to organic production. In reality, it’s risk, not reluctance. Farming conventionally

Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good.

Let’s get the guilt out of organic. I’ve talked to many people through the years who say, “I just can’t afford to buy everything organic. I’m on a budget.” Raising a family on a budget requires difficult choices. And, parents

That Juicy Burger Can be Good for the Environment

I love to eat a juicy burger because, well, juicy burgers are delicious. Lately, it seems that eating burgers, or any kind of meat, comes with a measure of guilt. On top of everything else, cows are being blamed as

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